How To Buy A Cell Phone

Buy Cell Phone

Cell phones now a day have become more and more popular way of communication. This is the best source of the advanced area to keep in contact with everyone from long distance.This technology is advancing in more fields of life like internet browsing, voice talk, Mp3 & Mp4 players, camera and many more. Now the basic point arises “how to buy a cell phone”, Many people buy a cell phone and after some time realizes that this handset is not fulfilling their requirements thus all money spent on the purchase falls in vain, the major reason behind is the lack of knowledge of one’s all requirements before buying the phone. In this article I will try to suggets a more realistic way to buy a cell phone, below are some very helpful tips for any one buying a cell phone.

Analyze yourself:

The first and fore most step in buying a cell phone is to analyze your needs and requirements, what do you want?  What’s your basic motive in buying a cell phone? What features you are expecting in your cell phones? What is your budget’s status? And many more same questions. Ask your self all these questions before going to the market because you won’t be having much time to think in market as the sales person will embard a plathora of services and fetures on you, just to impress you and may be he suceeds to trap you. Here comes your turn don’t let that person got over your head, think of yourself and your needs and then decide what to buy and what not.

Choose a carrier & service plan:

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If you’re shopping for a carrier, you first need to figure out which carrier offers the best coverage and monthly service plan in your area. Then you’ll have to select a phone from the assortment that your chosen service provider offers. With the exception of a few handsets, most phones work only on one provider’s system because carriers have mutually exclusive networks, and many carriers lock their phones so you can’t take the same phone to another provider.A convinient way is to choose some wireless service provider and select the service according to your requirements.Mostly the services are national,local, international etc. The national services best suites mostly the U.S citizens who have to call mostly at the national or local level. If you are buying a phone with wireless service peovider than its good to look for the wireless support, band support and wi-fi support of your cell phone.

Choosing a cell phone:

While keeping in mind the above mentioned points now go for the features concerning your cell phone. Remember that you requirment analysis as stated earlier should always remain in your mind throughout your shopping of cell phone.

Now come to the physical appearance of the cell phone, the first factor concerning physical appearance is the style. If you have to keep your mobile always in pocket then go for the flip-open because it best fits in any pocket. Infact each style factor has its unique characteristics, so you’ll want to think carefully about which is best for you. Another important factor in buying a cell phone is selecting the best fit feautres according to your requirements. The list of possible mobile features is extensive, so carefully consider each point.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t buy anything more than you need, so don’t let a carrier salesperson pressure you into buying an expensive handset. If you want a handset just to make calls, stick with something simple that doesn’t offer a lot of extra features. Though design and features are very important when buying a cell phone, performance is the most critical point to consider. Remember, a cell phone is only as good as the calls it makes, so even the most feature-rich and design-centric handset is worthless if it can’t offer decent call quality. Finally when you come to a decision about certain mobile then one more selection has to be made and that is color i.e if you are a tennager than funky colors will suit you the best and if you are a professional then go for some decent colors.

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