Top 10 Gadgets of 2009

2009 Gadgets

Gadgets are some of the very great technological objects which represent the technical growth of some year and as this year is coming up to an end then it’s the right time to calculate the top gadgets of this year. By seeing these gadgets you an easily decide which one you should choose as a Christmas gift for your loved one. These top gadgets are some of the best electrical and technical objects that have got a huge round of a clause this year so let’s have a look at them.

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The gadgets are not specified to any particular field of life and they have been selected from the top appliances, technologies, electronics and others.

1. Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC

This is the world’s lightest netbook offered by |Sony and this is the one that is fastest in speed and technology when compared with the other ne4tbooks offered by Sony. This atom powered lifestyle PC has the components of a cheaper machine but the design is of the most expensive and stylish one.  Thus it is a remarkable PC for travelers because of its light weight and it is ideal for those who want a conversation piece for them.

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2. Amazon Kindle 2

This is a very fantastic software and hardware platform developed by and it is used for rendering and displaying eBooks and digital media. It uses an E lnk brand electronic display and it is able to download contents over Amazon whispernet using the spirint EVDO. It is the cheaper in the wireless reading and it has overcome some of the short comings of the earlier versions.

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3. Nokia 5800

Nokia is one of the top sellers of mobile phones along the world and this is one of the best gadgets offered by it in 2009. This is the best ever smart phone offered by Nokia which gives the express music facility by just a single touching of screen. It has a symbian operating system and it has given new heights to listening music on the smart phone. This could be the best gift for some music lover and it also features the world’s best sleekly dashing style.

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4. Sharp’s AQUOS LC-52DX1-B

This is another best selling gadget of the year 2009 and it has got too much fame due to its unique body and style. It is the first LCS TV offered by sharp which has a Blu-ray recorder and it ranges from 26 to 52 inches in size. It has seen to acquire a very high class picture quality and a very clear audio quality as well. It has got features of some of the top class TVs present all along the world.

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5. Sony DSC-G3 Digital camera

It is an extra ordinary camera offered by Sony that is also Wi-Fi capable and it has maximum numbers of hotspot courtesy of an included web browser. It features some remarkably strong image sensors which helps maintain the quality of digital images. It could be called as the flagship of the cyber shot series offered by Sony and it gives the best picture quality and the face detection technology gives you more sharp images.

6. Microsoft Windows 7

This is the best ever version offered by windows which has brought a new experience of windows to the users. It offers a series of operating systems for the use at home and offices. It was mainly focused on the incremental upgrade to the windows line with the goal to be fully compatible with those applications with which vista is compatible. It has received a gull support from public and although a bit expensive yet received a record breaking sale rate.

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7. 3D Mapping

This was the best gadget of the year 2009 when concerning technology. Adding more texture to the previous maps has made understanding locations easier than ever before. Google street view is just like Google maps but it is more realistic in its approach and 3D representation of streets has made the map more clearly understandable. This is the best technology of the year as it has brought mapping on some new and accurate dimensions.

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8. Samsung HT-BD7200

This is one of the superb home theatres brought this year and with some fantastic range of speakers it has achieved a very high selling rate in the international markets. It is stylishly designed with a glossy black finish with a red trim. It is very easy to use and also has a Wi-Fi support which let you stream the online videos. It has also upgraded a blu-ray support which is also remarkable.

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9. Transparent Toaster

This is also another sparkling gadget of this year. It is transparent in all its working which makes you see the breaking while toasting and with that you’ll can clearly see if you’re bread is fully toasted or not. It is based on the transparent heating glass technology. This concept was also very much appreciated because it has also brought new heights to the local toasters.

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10. TomTom GO 740 LIVE

This is the best personal navigational device for this year and it has also collected a plethora of fame and customer’s support. It is the GPS connected device which can guide you while traveling and prove to be your best companion in a journey. Without relying on the wireless connection it automatically changes the weather report, currency details, time and other details according to the place a person visits. The new buddy list facility helps you keep yourself connected with other friends through message sharing and location sharing.

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These were the gadgets which were very famous in the year 2009 because of their fantastic capabilities. This article has taken gadgets from all the fields of life there was no specification of class for which these gadgets have been stated and if you are looking for a fantastic gift for your loved one than you can select any of these because they are all hot products in their specified fields and there is definitely no doubt about it.

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